Saturday, February 21, 2009


As always, students will need to know the words for this week and the last three weeks, giving us a total of 20 spelling words. Our spelling words for the week are as follows:
  • almost
  • also
  • with
  • semifinal
  • supermarket

This week we started a science lesson on technology. Jeremiah Johnson, a mountain man from 1821, visited our classroom and brought many of his technological advances for the time with him. We learned how people in pioneer days communicated, ate, enjoyed entertainment, and documented their lives. It was very different from how we do those things. 

We worked hard on 2x2 multiplication (i.e. 62 x 12). The students can choose to use the traditional algorithm that we all grew up with or the lattice approach, which many students find easier. 

Communication Arts
We wrote friendly letters, read a lot and presented book reports. That will continue next week, too. Many of the students are enjoying the comic literature provided. 

We will begin a two-week economics (social studies) unit. The students will create their own businesses and offer a real service or a real product. They will need help from home coming up with their business idea and the good/service. Students will be able to purchase that good/service from other students in our classroom or in Ms. Ward's classroom. 

Next weeks words are as follows:
  • probably
  • we're
  • you're
  • underweight
  • alternative

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