Monday, December 15, 2008


A very popular story, Amelia Rules! is a contemporary 
tale about growing up in today's world. 

You read the title correctly. In my classroom, I offer comic literature to you. I have spent several years studying the use of comic literature in the classroom. I have written my Master's thesis (fancy research paper that all graduate students complete on a subject they are interested in) on comics as a tool in the classroom. 

This version of Wind in the Willows is a 
comic adaptation of a classic story.

I have also presented at two conferences and written a chapter in a literacy textbook – all on the subject of comics in the classroom. We will use comics in all subjects, for class, and for fun.

Parents and Guardians, rest assured that the research suggests that comic literature has a strong benefit to student reading motivation and to comprehension. My use of comics is supported by research and I believe many of you will see changes in your student's reading motivation by the end of the year. Many of you will see changes within a month or so. 

Beowulf is the oldest piece of literature in the English language.
 This is a contemporary graphic novel adaptation of the ancient classic.

There are many reasons to use comic literature and as the year progresses, I will discuss them on this blog. I know this idea is very innovative, but I assure you that I have seen dramatic changes in students as I have used them over the past two years. 

Owly is an sweet, wordless tale of an owl and his friends.

For more information, contact me or see my comic education website, THE GRAPHIC CLASSROOM.

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